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This website covers several areas of interest to eastern Otero County residents. Follow the menus to see each area.

Two HOT topics currently are:
1. The Otero County Proposed modified Solid Waste Ordinance (actually zoning). Comments HERE and HERE.
2. The Holloman Airspace Grab (my comments are HERE)

Both Holloman and Fort Bliss (Army Aviation) plan to use the Brokeoff Wilderness Study Area, the Salt Basin and the Otero Mesa for flights. Supersonic flight (BOOOM) and for low altitude (500’ above the ground) high speed jet training for Holloman. Low altitude, day/night large helicopter operations for Fort Bliss, including 18 landing zones in the Lincoln National Forest below Cloudcroft, NM.
If you live rural LOOK OUT the wap, wap, wap helicopter noise, sudden jet noise and sonic BOOOOMs are coming your way!

Otero County Inundated by Federal Agency Actions?
Are We Lucky, or What? By Walt Coffman 9/9/17

Here is a partial list of Federal actions (some pending) so far in 2017. Stay tuned for more:

- BLM Increase Federal Regulation in Otero County
Name parts of Otero County as “Backcountry” (
affectsOtero Mesa, the BrokeoffMountains)

- USAF Holloman Airspace Change in Otero County:
Environmental Assessment for Holloman Air Force Base F-16 Use in White Sands Missile Range R-5111 C/D Airspace

 USAF Holloman Airspace Expansion. Preferred Alternative is over Otero County:
Special Use Airspace Optimization at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico(
affectsOtero Mesa, the Brokeoff Mountains)

- USAF Holloman Aircraft Expansion (flights over Otero County):
 “Environmental Assessment, Interim Relocation of Two F-16 Squadrons” (affectsOtero Mesa, the Brokeoff Mountains)

- US Army Airspace Expansion (USFS) into Otero County:
High Altitude Mountain Environment Training Strategy (HAMETS) Helicopter Operations Project.(
affectsOtero Mesa, the Brokeoff Mountains)

- US Army Airspace Expansion into Otero County:
Environmental Assessment Project for Fort Bliss Local Flying Area and Local Flying Rules (FB 95-1), Fort Bliss, Texas and New Mexico” (affectsOtero Mesa, the Brokeoff Mountains)

- USFS (USFWS), Taking Water/Land from Stakeholders Impacts Otero County:
New Mexico Mountain Jumping Mouse Habitat Projects-Agua Chiquita

- USFS Forest Improvement Project Impacts Otero County:
South Sacramento Restoration Project (SSRP), 140,000 acres affected

- USFS Grazing – Allow or Not? Impacts Otero County:
Scott Able Grazing Allotment Management Analysis

- USFS Timber Salvage (Good Action in my view):
Hornbuckle Salvage Project

- USFS Pay Contractors Again. Contractor Welfare?:
Westside Sacramento Mountains Watershed Restoration and Fuels Reduction Project



February 2017, HAMETS is still coming to Otero County!

Heavy Helicopters in the Lincoln National Forest ??
Day and Night all across the Sacramento Ranger District !

The Army and the Lincoln National Forest are asking for comments on the plan to fly helicopters during night time into the Forest and practice landings. These are big, noisy helicopters!

See my comments Illegality #1 HERE.

See my comments Illegality #2 HERE.

See my comments on environmental impacts HERE.

The Lincoln NF Announcement. 30 days to comment!:


Contact me at walt AT weed-skies DOT org if you want to get involved!


Check out Weed, NM at : http://www.weednm.org/

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