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USAF (Holloman) Expansion
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Holloman is expanding again.
With the doubling (tripling?) of aircraft from a few years ago Holloman is pushing for more airspace. They (and the Department of Defense) already own most New Mexico airspace (see airspace map HERE and HERE). What is really new is that Holloman wants to fly thousands of supersonic training flights over private homes day and night at relativity low altitudes. This is new and the noise and booms will affect rural residents greatly. In fact making their homes hell on earth. I provided comments to the USAF on this airspace grab. Find my comments HERE. The Peaceful Skies Coalition also commented. Find their comments HERE. Note that my comments contain references and citations. It is interesting that both the Army and Air Force want to use the same area (Brokeoff Mountains). One for 100’ above ground hovering and “pop-up” maneuvers and one for supersonic training and 200’ above the ground jet flight. Just imagine living below all this DoD activity. Hell on earth.

Department of Defense operations have a significant impact on rural Otero County. We have one of the only supersonic flight corridors over homes in the USA. This corridor is also one of the lowest (closest to the ground) in the USA. It was originally justified for the F-22 aircraft but now that the F-22 has left the USAF continues to claim the sonic boom corridor. In addition to sonic booms we have German Air Force. Trainees fly at 500 feet above the ground and 575 mph over area ranches (and “buzzing” homes). Also in the mix are foreign pilots from various countries practicing bombing and missile use. Air to air refueling for several groups is conducted. Drones on “training” flights. Drones on missions. Laser targeting. Etc.

The list goes on.

Every year or so the USAF/DoD encroaches more on rural residents. In 2007 it was the sonic boom corridor. In 2011 it was the F-35 and Drones. In 2013 it is a massive zoning regulation (called “Joint Land Use Survey”).

Rural residents are at the mercy of the indifferent, powerful DoD.

Aircraft Recognition Guide for Otero County. It’s in “pdf” format. Click HERE.

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