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It’s Your Tax Money.

The Department of Energy (DOE) proposes to spend $37,000,000 for two holes in Otero County.

We are told that these holes will be to test out the concept of nuclear waste disposal and will show if the geology is suitable for nuclear waste.

Once completed we are supposed to believe that DOE will then go elsewhere, maybe to Ohio or Nevada or Kansas, and drill another $37,000,000 "test" hole to see if the rock is good there and then dump radioactive waste in Ohio or Nevada or Kansas.

If so The department of Energy has just wasted $37,000,000 in tax dollars.

Why not ‘test” where you will dump? That saves The tax payers 30 million.

Keep in mind that the results of the “test” can not be used at other sites according to DOE’s own statements. DOE knows that most of the information discovered will ONLY apply to Otero county! I quote DOE:

“The Department (DOE) agrees with U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board's observation that subsurface geology is heterogeneous and site-specific geologic information obtained during the DBFT will have limited transferability to other locations.”

So by the Department of Energy’s own statements they are wasting tax money or lying, you choose.


Sign the Petition Against the project - HERE.
( https://gopetition.com/petitions/no-to-the-otero-borehole.html )

Contact the Project Officer: Suzette M. Olson:  Email: olsonsm@id.doe.gov



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