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How Radioactive Will Your Family Be? or What is the fuss?

This same Nuclear Borehole project has been pitched in North Dakota, South Dakota, and in Nara Visa (Quay County, New Mexico). Now the Department of Energy is looking at Otero County for nuclear waste research. You might ask what did the other counties decide? They listened to DOE, researched the project, held meetings and then said not just “NO” but “HELL NO”. See, Residents Overwhelmingly Reject Nara Visa Nuclear Waste Research Project” Story HERE

Why did these communities say NO? After all, look at all the promised jobs, money and wonderful science. These communities saw the elephant in the room. They saw that DOE would bring in nuclear waste in a follow up project, as soon as the $30,000,000+ “test” hole was deemed successful.

Now it is Otero County’s turn to listen to the Department of Energy's sweet promises.

Once a hole is successfully completed, Otero County will be the only place in the USA with proven geology for nuclear waste disposal. Disposal that the Department of Energy is desperately in need off.

The risk (in my view) is that the Department of Energy (they run WIPP, Los Alamos, Hanford, WA, etc) will decide to focus on Otero County as a waste disposal site. After all, why would DOE go to say, Texas, and spend another $30,000,000 when they have a perfect, proven radioactive disposal site right here? Not only would DOE have to spend the money again if they went elsewhere, but they would be out the 5 years plus it will take to get permission to drill at another site.

No, if this nuclear waste “test” borehole is allowed here it will lead to a push for an “Otero” nuclear waste site.

The Mayor of Alamogordo spoke against the project (as a private citizen). Mayor Richard Boss’s Personal Statement about the project (Jan. 31, 2017 City Commissioner’s Meeting) HERE. Well done Richard Boss!

The DOE contractor talks about the wonderful science, and how the children will be helped. He talks about how money will flow into Otero County; Over five years three to four million for materials and labor. For the five years perhaps 20-25 jobs (if they can find qualified workers here). After the five years the contractor will be gone.

The Department of Energy contractor, TerranearPMC (Mr Ken Fillman) would have you believe that the project is just about science (to be used elsewhere) but not mentioned is that DOE knows that most of the information discovered will ONLY apply to Otero county! I quote DOE:

“The Department (DOE) agrees with U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board's observation that subsurface geology is heterogeneous and site-specific geologic information obtained during the DBFT will have limited transferability to other locations.”

Members of the “Advisory Board” hired and paid by TerranearPMC have ties to polluted DOE nuclear waste sites. Sites that are desperate to get rid of the toxic waste damaging their environment. Can these Board members be objective? Or will Otero be selected as a way to help out Los Alamos and Hanford, WA? See one article HERE The U.S. NUCLEAR WASTE TECHNICAL REVIEW BOARD recommended safety improvements such as Independent expert review of the drilling program design and implementation. DOE declined the NWTRB improvement recommendations. Instead TerranearPMC has hired experts. Wonder how they will fight for our safety?

Make your voice heard, say “NO”. Say no to your politicos. 

Sign the Petition Against the project - HERE.
( https://gopetition.com/petitions/no-to-the-otero-borehole.html )

If you don't then you are consenting to DOE's plans.



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