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the Salt Basin Deep Borehole Research Project? --> 32 07' 04.8"N  105 16' 08.4"W


My letter to:

Yvette Herrell, R-Dist. 51;
Sens. Bill Burt, R-Dist. 33,
Ron Griggs, R-Dist. 34; Reps.
Rick Little, R-Dist. 53,
Zach Cook, R-Dist. 56,
James Townsend, R-Dist. 54

requesting a review of the “facts” presented in the DOE press release that they all signed. HERE they failed to evaluate the risk of a future DOE nuclear waste dump in Otero County.


My letter to Energy Secretary Perry asking for DOE involvement and changes to process. HERE

My May 21, 2017 email to DOE, OPPOSING this Project. HERE

DOE’s May 22, 2017 response (first), HERE.


My letter to Governor Martinez requesting a correction of her office’s misleading letter. HERE

Governor Martinez’s Office letter, of September 18, 2015 that presumes “broad support” by Otero County residents, when none had been contacted or informed. HERE


Alamogordo Mayor Richard Boss’s Personal Statement about the project (Jan. 31, 2017 City Commissioner’s Meeting) HERE Well done Richard Boss!


Project overview “Comments to the Otero County Commissioners” on 2/9/17 (in pdf) HERE.


The DOE project contractor for Otero County TerranearPMC handout (in pdf) HERE.


The DOE “contract” from Nara Visa, NM (Quay County) is HERE.


Another Comment sheet HERE.


 The DOE contractor has presented information to the Otero County Commission on two occasions. (My Comments to the Otero County Commissioners - HERE!). The Commission failed to endorsed this project either time.


The same project was proposed for rural North Dakota and rejected, see HERE


North Dakota placed a “moratorium” on the project, see HERE


February 2017; In Quay County, New Mexico the County Commissioners believe that DOE Borehole contractors were (I quote) “deceptive” and "The commission felt that the resolution needed to be rescinded because the information provided about the residents' support was inaccurate and misrepresented.”

Quay County withdrew its support of the Borehole Project.

Residents Overwhelmingly Reject Nara Visa Nuclear Waste Research Project” Story HERE


Otero County County Commission Meeting March 9, 2017 Comments by Walt Coffman (notes). These comments were a “stakeholder update” and highlighted concerns surrounding DOE and TerranearPMC.

If they drill this hole nuclear waste will come !!

Sign the Petition Against the project - HERE.
( https://gopetition.com/petitions/no-to-the-otero-borehole.html )

Contact the Project Officer: Suzette M. Olson:  Email: olsonsm@id.doe.gov


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