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Lie of Omission #1?

The Borehole contractor, TerranearPMC excluded any Department of Energy representatives from their public meetings, even when asked to have them available. Therefore, no questions about a future nuclear waste dump in Otero County were ask of the Department of Energy.


Lie of Omission #2?

Update 2/28/17

The Department of Energy has a Plan for a Defense Waste Repository out for comment until March 20, 2017. This draft plan includes plans for Deep Borehole waste disposal. The plan shows the steps planned for a functional nuclear waste disposal site (including Otero County if we qualify). You can see this plan here:

Reference: https://www.energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2016/12/f34/Final%20Draft%20DWR%20Plan.pdf

Deep Borehole project steps to a dump!

The steps are: (I quote DOE)

Site Identification. This is the early phase in which potential candidates identified through the consent-based process are evaluated based on preliminary information. Site Identification ends with the selection of a subset of sites for full screening evaluations. In this example, it is assumed that two sites are selected for screening.

Site Screening and Selection. Thorough screening evaluations would be conducted for a limited number of sites, allowing the selection of one or more sites for detailed subsurface site characterization. In this example schedule, site screening ends with the selection of a single site for characterization and subsequent licensing.

Site Characterization. Subsurface investigations from boreholes, exploratory shafts, and tunnels, laboratory research, and modeling provide the necessary information to support detailed repository design and the preparation of an EIS. Assuming the site is found suitable, site characterization ends when a license application seeking authorization to construct the facility is submitted to the NRC.

Licensing and Construction. License review and hearings are assumed to take three to four years. DWR construction cannot begin until after NRC has issued a construction authorization. Receipt and disposal of radioactive waste will require a license to receive and possess waste to begin disposal operations.”

Please note that Deep Borehole disposal is specifically mentioned (along with other disposal ideas) in this DOE Plan. A site must qualify by drilling a “good” hole to start. The Deep Borehole Project is about nuclear waste disposal in Otero County. There is a plan to bring waste.


Lie of Omission #3 ?

The Department of Defense contractor, TerranearPMC has refused to release their complete contract with DOE. They cite it as the source for “no nuclear waste” but refuse to show all the contract provisions. Why? An acquaintance provided a copy of the Quay County, NM contract which is similar (identical?). HERE

We have been told that maybe up to two, 3 mile deep holes might be drilled. However the leaked contract actually states that any number might be drilled 2 or 20. Big difference. Is this an intentional omission? Here is the Quay contract language:


 “. . . . . This option must: (1) give the Government and its contractors the right to further test, drill and/or improve the characterization deep borehole and to drill one or more additional deep borehole(s) of differing sizes and configurations on the site for additional research purposes. . . . .”

UPDATE: TerranearPMC contract has same language !


Lie of Omission #4 ?

The Department of Defense claims to want an open, transparent discussion in the affected community. Yet the DOE contractor has failed to involve all the affected stakeholders in the public discussions. For example the Salt Basin Deep Borehole Research Project is close to El Paso, TX and just a few miles from Dell City, TX. Both El Paso County Texas and Hudspeth County Texas and just next door. All of these cities, counties and communities are impacted by the project. For example, most get water from the aquifer that the boreholes will pierce through. Yet DOE refuses to involve (or even communicate) with these people. They have been asked to involve them, but refuse, Why?

Lie of Omission #5 ?

The Department of Energy knows that results for the test will only apply to Otero County, yet they have not discussed this with Otero County stakeholders. Results of the “test” can not be used at other sites according to DOE’s own statements. I quote DOE:

“The Department (DOE) agrees with U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board's observation that subsurface geology is heterogeneous and site-specific geologic information obtained during the DBFT will have limited transferability to other locations.”

Lie of Omission #6 ?

The DOE contractor touts 20 to 25 jobs coming to Otero County for maybe 5 years. What is not emphasized is that if TerranearPMC can not find a “qualified” (their word) applicant they will go elsewhere (maybe Texas for the skilled drill hands). Effectively this means fewer that 25 jobs, maybe way fewer.

We must recognize what is driving this project. The Deep Borehole Test project was born out of the need to dispose of radioactive waste. It is not about pure science or geothermal energy.


Sign the Petition Against the project - HERE.
( https://gopetition.com/petitions/no-to-the-otero-borehole.html )

Contact the Project Officer: Suzette M. Olson:  Email: olsonsm@id.doe.gov



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