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Opposition to the nuclear research Deep Borehole Field Test in Otero County as of May 2017. HERE. Virtually NO SUPPORT by Otero County residents!


Project Support? Really?

The DOE Otero Borehole contractor, TerranearPMC, has claimed support on their project website. However, if you read the so called letters of support you see some misleading “endorsements”. For example the Otero County Board of County Commissioners chose to NOT support the project (twice), yet they are listed ”supporting” the project.

Others that are listed as supporting the project stand to make money from it, or gain political advantage.

By a wide margin residents in Otero County are AGAINST this project.

A group of New Mexico legislators signed a Press Release in January 2017 that touts the project benefits, and fails completely to mention the possible future nuclear waste dump. That risk is the elephant in the room. This Press Release was commissioned by the DOE contractor TerranearPMC. It was put in front of the legislators prior to public meetings and prior to the information website. Also prior to public education. In my view the legislators involved should have asked their constituents BEFORE signing the PR for DOE.

My, non scientific surveys show residents overwhelmingly AGAINST the project (by up to 60:1) because of the possible future radioactive nuclear dump. DOE has been unwilling to answer questions directly and most residents do not trust them (almost 100% in my surveys).

Apparently these politicians,

Yvette Herrell, R-Dist. 51;
Sens. Bill Burt, R-Dist. 33,
Ron Griggs, R-Dist. 34; Reps.
Rick Little, R-Dist. 53,
Zach Cook, R-Dist. 56,
James Townsend, R-Dist. 54

All trust the Department of Energy and do not think it worthwhile to ask their constituents their opinion.


Finally there is one neighbor that actually supports this project. At least he did when he was asked, long before the contractor made information public and before all the questions were raised.

In my opinion soliciting support BEFORE information is made available is not ethical. People that endorse a project without complete information do no service to themselves nor their community.

TerranearPMC in my view acted unethically as they have in so many areas of the Borehole Project.

Sign the Petition Against the project - HERE.
( https://gopetition.com/petitions/no-to-the-otero-borehole.html )

Contact the Project Officer: Suzette M. Olson:  Email: olsonsm@id.doe.gov


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