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Do you TRUST the Department of Energy?

The Department of Energy is “flexible” in its standards, operating practices, honesty and its integrity in honoring contracts. Seemingly DOE changes by wind direction and politics, not by public safety. I have spoken to several former DOE employees. They confirm the no moral compass allegations about the agency. Most stated to me “Don’t trust DOE”.

The Department of Energy has been criticized by many, including its own Inspector General. Year after year after year the IG has found failures and safety violations that endangered workers on site and the residents in nearby communities. See HERE for the IG reports (a lot of reading!).

In addition to the Inspector General reports DOE has a checkered history with contractor performance and has been caught (perhaps illegally if anyone would prosecute) in possible fraud. This looks to be widespread and ongoing. An example HERE and HERE (many more out there. DOE has real problems).

The recent “accident” at WIPP was brought to you by DOE. WIPP was to be safe (for 10,000 years) and provide “safe” jobs.

Nuclear waste in Los Alamos is brought to you by DOE.

There is only a “little” radioactive contamination outside WIPP and Los Alamos. Only a few workers suffered from the contamination and lifetime of worry -Twenty-one workers on the surface received low doses of radiation that federal officials said were well within safety limits.” Such BS.

More information on Google or see one article HERE and another HERE.


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Contact the Project Officer: Suzette M. Olson:  Email: olsonsm@id.doe.gov



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