Dedicated to a safe, healthy environment for the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico, including the communities of Weed, Pinon, Sacramento and Mayhill.

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Disclaimer / Claimer
Weed-Skies.org presents both facts and some opinion. Opinions should be obvious. The “Ed” opinions represent many area residents concerns. As of January 2014 we are proud members of the Safe Skies Coalition, another great local organization with similar goals. However, this web site and the editor DO NOT and never have represented the Safe Skies Coalition. As far as we know the Coalition does not have a web site.

NEW ! We now support the Pinon Volunteer Fire Department.

The Weed-Skies organization is about the Southern Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico. We support preserving, and enhancing the safety, health, economic well-being of the area rural residents. We support self determination and self reliance with limited Government and low taxes.

This site contains researched facts with sources cited. We do not make up facts or use bogus “science”. The site also has editorial opinions..

Disclaimer, we are NOT lawyers. We do not play lawyers on TV. Information and opinions on this site is not legal advice. For that go to a lawyer.