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February 2017
Deep Borehole Test Facts and More
A Test, or a Radioactive Trojan Horse?
The US Department of Energy is pushing a Deep Borehole “test” experiment in Otero County.
Deep Boreholes are planned to be used for disposal of nuclear waste.

See more details on this website under the Menu “Deep Borehole” or click HERE.

The claim by DOE (HERE) is that this just a test (nothing to see here, move along). They claim that no radioactive waste will be dumped in this hole (but no assurance waste won’t go in another, close by, hole). DOE has only selected remote, rural areas for the TEST project (Why?). They claim it is about science. They claim they need this test to see if nuclear waste might be dumped into a deep hole. They claim that these boreholes might be drilled almost anywhere in the USA but somehow Otero County is “better” ! They have presented information to the Otero County Commission on two occasions. (My Comments to the Otero County Commissioners - HERE!). The Commission failed to endorsed this project either time.

The same project was proposed for rural North Dakota and rejected, see HERE

The Boreholes will be three miles deep and 8”- 17” in diameter.

The “test” cost is approximately $30,000,000+ for two holes.

DOE plans to drill just northwest of Dell City, TX, in Otero County on private land.

DOE claims that local communities must “consent” to this project before DOE will proceed.

The U.S. currently has more than 109,000 metric tons of high-level waste from nuclear reactors and atomic weapons production awaiting disposal, according to a 2010 study.

Otero County has a long history with Government contracts and takings, see HERE.

Do you trust the Department of Energy ?

The recent “accident” at WIPP was brought to you by DOE. Nuclear waste in Los Alamos is brought to you by DOE. There was only a “little” radioactive contamination outside WIPP and Los Alamos.

If the test shows SE Otero County has perfect geology for radioactive nuclear waste will DOE then go to Nevada or Ohio to drill another $30,000,000+ well (that may not work), and then dispose of nuclear waste in Nevada or Ohio? Or will they come to a proven area, rural, isolated SE Otero County, and drill and dump here? This will impact Alamogordo, Cloudcroft, Weed, Mayhill, Sacramento, Pinion, the entire county. It will impact Dell City. TX which is right next door to the “test” site and likely future nuclear waste disposal area. El Paso, TX is just down the road and gets water from this area.

If you want nuclear waste in your backyard then DO NOTHING.

If you want to protect Otero County from becoming the

DOE National High Level Nuclear Waste Dump

 you must act. We have a narrow window of opportunity to stop nuclear proliferation in our back yard. Let's take positive action to stop the nuclear waste disposal project before the cancer spreads into Otero County. Make your opposition loud and clear. In ND a petition of 2,000 signatures stopped them.

Meeting at the Weed School March 16, 2017 at 6 PM. Presentation by DOE contractor.

Contact me at walt AT weed-skies DOT org if you want to get involved!

Click click HERE. for more Borehole information.


February 2017, HAMETS is still coming to Otero County!

Heavy Helicopters in the Lincoln National Forest ??
Day and Night all across the Sacramento Ranger District !

The Army and the Lincoln National Forest are asking for comments on the plan to fly helicopters during night time into the Forest and practice landings. These are big, noisy helicopters!

See my comments Illegality #1 HERE.

See my comments Illegality #2 HERE.

See my comments on environmental impacts HERE.

The Lincoln NF Announcement. 30 days to comment!:



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