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This website covers several areas of interest to eastern Otero County residents. Follow the menus to see each area.

Two HOT topics currently are the Nuclear Borehole and the Army helicopters in the Lincoln National Forest (HAMETS).

Borehole HOT News, May 2017
Do El Paso, Texas, Dell City, Texas, Hudspeth County, Texas know about the risks to their water? The Borehole plan calls for multiple penetrations of the aquifer, with no independent oversight of the drilling. Texas has been excluded from all public meetings.

My May 21, 2017 email to DOE, OPPOSING this Project. HERE

DOE’s May 22, 2017 response (first), HERE.

The District 3 Otero County Commissioner, Lori Bies, again failed to represent her constituents and enabled the DOE nuclear deep borehole project during Friday’s Commission meeting (5/12/17). We were disappointed by this betrayal. See my complete comments HERE.

Just the “facts”, one sheet with DOE Otero nuclear borehole facts. HERE

NEWS - The New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association has taken a stand against the DOE’s Deep Borehole projects in New Mexico. See their statement HERE. THANKS NMCGA !

JLUS rural zoning Coming Back? Property Right Taking? Commissioner Lori Bies caving on JLUS? See HERE.


February 2017, HAMETS is still coming to Otero County!

Heavy Helicopters in the Lincoln National Forest ??
Day and Night all across the Sacramento Ranger District !

The Army and the Lincoln National Forest are asking for comments on the plan to fly helicopters during night time into the Forest and practice landings. These are big, noisy helicopters!

See my comments Illegality #1 HERE.

See my comments Illegality #2 HERE.

See my comments on environmental impacts HERE.

The Lincoln NF Announcement. 30 days to comment!:


Contact me at walt AT weed-skies DOT org if you want to get involved!


Check out Weed, NM at : http://www.weednm.org/

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